Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park -

Well, just getting back to updating this diary!  Almost forgot to log our latest trip to Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs, FL.  (Almost on the Fl/Ga border.)  We were there 7/13-15/12.  What a beautiful park!  Only about 45 sites but also has cabins, canoe launch, craft square, museum, carillon tower (bells) and a nice gift shop.  Unfortunately we were there just after the area had been flooded by a tropical storm (Debbie?); not the park but surrounding towns, and the river was way up - too high for canoes.

The bells from the tower rang out the hour (and quarter/half) and also did a series of Stephen Foster songs periodically.  Lovely to just sit back and listen.

The site was very large & more private than most.  Again, lots of friendly campers & volunteers.  (First tour Saturday morning was at 7 am - I wasn't even out of bed yet and Don was outside explaining to someone how he built the teardrop!

Molly, as usual, was a star.  She's go good camping.  Almost never barks and just loves laying in the dirt - or on the picnic table like here.

The only negative to the whole visit was local restaurants - or I should say restaurant.  Usually we fall into really good local places to eat out at least one night (the others we cook at the site) but the little restaurant nearby (Fat Belly's - or something like that) was really pretty poor.

Well, guess that's it for a little while.  Too many other things happening over the next month or two to get back out here but we're already looking for out next trip!

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