Monday, June 18, 2012

Beech Bend Park Campground, Bowling Green, KY

Longest trip yet!  Great long weekend (Thurs.-Sun.) in Bowling Green.  Went for the "Cackle Fest" (vintage dragsters - car show & swap meet) and stayed at the campground at the track.  (Park has an amusement park, water park, circle track/drag strip, AND campground.  Great with Don going to the event every day.  Was able to walk back and forth to the camp site.)  500 campsites in all!

(Did you notice the little lights on the screen room?  For Christmas I found strings of teardrop camper lights and bought them for Don.  Fun!)

It was nice to be able to take Molly, too.  (She's sitting just outside the screen room.)  She LOVES camping!  Can't wait to get in the teardrop - usually begs outside the door long before we're ready for bed.

Long ride (13 hours each way) but makes for an inexpensive 4 days!  Teardrop towed perfectly - almost forgot it was there most of the time (except for the reaction from others on the road).  Everyone has to come over and ask questions.  Lots & lots of compliments for Don, again!  Don joked that it was nice this time that he didn't have to do the "tours" as he was at the track most of the time.  I think that's the best part!  We get to meet so many people we never would've met otherwise. 

As always, each trip I think of little things I need to pick up for "next time".  We've decided to add stabilizing jacks to replace the "screw jacks" we now use.  (Very inexpensive upgrade.)  Might eventually upgrade the screen room, too.  (The walls are on an angle.  Think it might be even nicer if the sides were straight and we could add solid panels in bad weather.)  We'll see!

Guess that's it for this trip.  Talked on the way home about where we want to go next.  Probably only locally until the Fall but that's ok.  More soon! 

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