Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beech Bend Park, Bowling Green, KY

Well, back to Beech Bend Park, Bowling Green, KY over a long Father's Day weekend in June.  We went up on Wednesday this year - returning on Sunday.  (Last year we got the last official campsite, even though they have a huge over-flow area, but those sites don't have water or electricity).

This year's site was even better than last years - only a couple sites away but larger and more accommodating to our needs.  Had a great area this year for the screen room and we used it a lot!

We were there for the Cackle Fest (vintage dragsters) that runs Thurs-Sat. every year.  What a great location - to be able to camp right at the drag strip (AND they have a water park there, too).  Molly & I stayed at the campground or went shopping in Bowling Green while Don was able to walk back & forth, relax a bit, have something to eat, etc. - all right there.  We really enjoy this every year but this was only the second year we've camped.

First time here with the truck/camper combo and it was a big hit, too.  Met tons of people who stopped by to check us out.  Neighboring sites (both sides) had permanent residents to the park so they were able to give us a lot of tips/help so that's always nice too.  (We'll try for the same spot again next year only Don says we're going on Tuesday now!  A day earlier every year.  Pretty soon we'll be there for the week!)

Bowling Green is a really nice area.  I managed to pick up a very nice pair of vintage earrings & matching necklace at an antique store I hit every year just off the square in downtown Bowling Green.  The owner is just as sweet as she can be (quite a character) and I always look forward to visiting her shop & chatting with her for a bit.  And, they're animal friendly so Molly shops too!

Probably no more long trips until August when we go to Michigan & New York State!  Hopefully I'll be a little more timely with my post!

Manatee Springs State Park, Chiefland, FL

Well, I've been remiss in blogging!  We were at Manatee Springs State Park, Chiefland, FL on 4/19-21/13 and I'm only now posting!!!  Bad, bad, bad!

This was a great trip and a nice, large drive thru site (#5).  Lots of deer (came in and wandered around our screen room/picnic table while we were sitting right there - with the dog!)  No fear.  Even saw a pair of adults with a PAIR of twin fawn!  Very cool!

Funny thing - we've never had a problem with animals getting into our cooler - until now!  (In the Smokey Mountains they had signs posted everywhere to keep all food inside your vehicle/camper.  Never gave it a thought here until Saturday morning when we got up and our breakfast (eggs/sausage) were scattered around the campsite.  Assume raccoons had a feast while we had to go out for breakfast!)  Needless to say we kept the cooler secured after that!

This campground is on the Suwannee River with a boat ramp, etc.  Lots of rain this trip but still didn't dampen our trip.  Campground also had live music one day - something they do a couple times a year, I guess, so check with them before you go so you can plan accordingly!  It was nice!  Good times!