Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little Talbot Island State Park (FL)

Well, another long weekend of camping in the Teardrop - yup! again!  Three nights this time.  First two mornings were pretty chilly but, thanks to the little ceramic heater we picked up recently, we were pretty snug.  (Great investment - small, cheap & works great in our small space.)  Another new purchase - check out our "camp kitchen" in the picture above!  How sweet is this?  Folds up like a small card table and has a sink, storage racks, lamp pole, etc. etc.  (Saw one last time we camped at another site and couldn't wait to get one!) 

Once again this trip we were besieged with "visitors" who couldn't wait to see the Teardrop.  Didn't even get out of our town (stopped for coffee at the local coffee shop) and someone pulled right over to see it.  Had to get the "tour" and ask Don a ton of questions about how he did it.  People are amazed when we tell them it only took him 5 weeks - start to finish!

The park we went to is just above Jacksonville - on an island.  We spent one full day just a little north of the park in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.  Lots of restaurants and neat little shops.  Spent another day doing historical "stuff" - plantation tour and the like.  Had some of the best shrimp we've ever had at a little restaurant called Nicole's.  (They were "Mayport shrimp" - caught right there!)  If you ever get up that way, plan to eat at Nicole's - just south of Little Talbot - and try the shrimp.  Inexpensive, lots of food, and really yummy!

 And look what happens when I walk away for a minute ...  On the table no less!  Oh my - who's spoiled now?  (And you'll notice who is allowing it!)  Molly still loves to camp.  About 7:30 pm she'll go to the camper door and whimper.  Took us a little to realize she just wants in - ready to go to bed!

Oh - stopped at the lighthouse in St. Augustine on the way home Sunday!  (Couldn't resist a picture.)

Well - guess that's it 'til after Christmas - too much to do now!  Happy Holidays all!

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