Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O'Leno State Park, High Springs, FL

Well, another long weekend fairly close to home - about an hour and a half away.  Drove up on Friday and had great weather all weekend.  Nice park.  Friendly people.  Lots of people had to stop by to see the Teardrop!  Everyone is amazed that Don actually built it. 

Every time we take it out we think of something else we'd like (this time another site had this great "camp kitchen" - folding table with two fold out shelves, a built in sink, a shelf for your camp stove, and even a zippered pantry!)  Can't wait to get one - probably before we go out again!  (Sold by Bass Pro Shop - we asked!)

I've decided that the very best thing about the Teardrop is its simplicity.  Someone at this Park told me that "if you have to bring a vacuum, it's not camping" and I think that says it all!  You get to enjoy ALL your time - there's no cleaning up, laundry to do, etc.  You can just take walks, hang out with your new "friends", or just read & relax.  Perfect camping if you ask me! 

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