Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct. 2011 - Off to Mississippi

What a great trip!  After two "dry runs" (to local parks within 50 miles of home) we loaded up and took our show on the road - to Mississippi for the weekend!  This thing is really great.  Drove all day on Friday to get there, set up in Shepard State Park (only something like 28 sites and right on a bayou) in Gautier (sp?).  Site could've been better.  Ours was kind of two levels but it was ok.  Spent Saturday there visiting our son (Justin) who's in the Coast Guard, complete with a campfire that night, and then drove back to Central Florida on Sunday.  Phew!  Everything worked great - trailer tows like a champ!  Don't even know it's there - even on the interstate which was most of the ride.  Looks like it's a winner!  People still stop us when we pull off for a break - lots of compliments for Don!  Now planning our next excursion.  Hmmmm.  Let's see ...

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